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Old Hebron Cemetery Restoration

Old Hebron Cemetery Restoration

Led by Mary-Ellen Gonci, a group of loyal volunteers has been working to restore the Old Hebron Cemetery on Wall Street. Including a few photos, here is her report of the project:

Hebron Historical Society’s efforts to restore gravestones in the old cemetery on Wall Street recently received help from town employees Jay Costa and Gordie Rathbun.
The two successfully reset the large stone for Obadiah Hosford. It had been flat on its face for many years. Hosford was a prominent citizen involved in Hebron’s early development. He was Captain of Hebron’s first military company and responsible for establishing this cemetery as Hebron’s burying ground. He died in 1741.
Hosford’s stone is the largest single stone in the cemetery. It was carved by Benjamin Collins, from Columbia, Connecticut. Collins’ stones were ornately carved and his faces more realistic. The inscription on Hosford’s stone is extensive and relates Hosford’s service to the town and his good standing as a citizen. The inscription was not deeply carved. It may be fortunate that the stone lay in the dirt for many years because the inscription is still legible.
Research into others buried here indicates many were farmers who had lived in many towns prior to settling in Hebron. Noadiah Dingwell was a stone cutter by trade. Royal T. Kollock and his wife were mutes. Royal, who was partially blind, taught at the American Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb in Hartford. Dwight Bliss was a farmer and carpenter, well respected by the community. George Gillet practiced land surveying 54 years. Solomon Huntington was “a kind husband, a tender father” as noted on his stone.
The death of a child is never easy, but we can identify with Noble Lord and his wife Betsy when 4 of their children died before their 4th birthdays. We can also identify with Roger Fuller who outlived 3 wives.
The cemetery is the final resting place for our war heroes. Corporal George Gillette, Alonzo Taylor, Captain Berry Phelps, and Lucius H. Jagger fought during the Civil War. Jagger was a member of the 1st Connecticut Light Battery and died in Beaufort, S.C.
Joshua Phelps Jr. was a member of the 12th Connecticut Infantry during the Revolutionary War.
Work in the cemetery is not complete and will continue throughout the summer. If you would like to volunteer your time or make a donation for repair of broken stones, please contact Mary-Ellen Gonci @ 860-228-3388 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..”">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..”


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